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Evolution of a LOGO

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We’re told that creating logos for companies is an extremely important task.  It must, through design, instantly “tell the story” of what it represents. During the process of trademarking my company in 2012, Sacred Stages, LLC, I began to envision a logo that “told the story” of my exciting new company.

I wanted something with both a modern – and – an ancient feel, something earthy but not too granola…and something of the divine feminine. When I first had the glimmer of the idea for Sacred Stages, and then the full blown vision, these, too, were all some of the qualities of this new company. I wanted a sacred place, a theatrical production, with a new kind of “worship” that celebrated life, creativity, art, and beauty. With content that explored our big questions about life, that looked beyond the dogma of religion.  I wanted my work to reflect the connection of modern consciousness and ancient wisdom – the same connection that I held inside of me.

When I bought my home in the Catskill Mountains, my Mother was sick with lymphoma. At that time, we didn’t know the degree to which she was ill, but we also knew the illness was progressing more aggressively. Upon one of her first few visits, Mum wanted to treat me to a housewarming gift. She suggested, wisely, a yard statue.

At one of the local fleas, we found her. A gorgeous goddess that I thought looked like Mum. I told her as much and she told me she thought it looked like me.  Perfect. Mum enjoyed finding a nook in one of our fields in which our “Mother-Daughter Goddess” statue was to live.

Fast forward… I am in seminary, downloading the idea of Sacred Stages, and the logo and such. On a free weekend, my friend Fred comes up from the city for a visit…of course, with his camera. Fred has been a dear friend since I was 18 – a bestie in the truest sense – he knew and loved my Mum. With talk of Sacred Stages and Logos, he pulled out his camera and snapped all kinds of sweet pics of my Goddess.

With Trademark and Fred’s goddess pics in hand, I was ready for my logo creation and I set up an appointment with my dear friend, Thom. Thom met my Mum later in life, and while he didn’t know her well, he loved my connection to her, and he loved me. I gave him my ideas, I gave him Fred’s pic of the Goddess, and I shared my concept of Sacred Stages. And he delivered my Logo.

So yes, a logo tells the story of your Company. But for me, it tells a story of my Community.

Creativity + Collaboration = Community.


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