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Whatever Lola Wants…

In 1995, I had the great joy of playing Lola in ‘Damn Yankees’ with a company based in Albany, Park Playhouse, in a gorgeous outdoor theater in Washington Park that played to 2,500 people every night. Damn Yankees is one of my favorite shows of all time.

For a quick synopsis of Damn Yankees

Lola Cover

Damn Yankees is based on the modern Faustian myth, linear in its direction, pointing forward towards progress, competition and intellectualism. The play takes place in the 1950’s, when post-war growth, suburban growth and sexism were in high gear. When I think of Myth, however, I think of it more in spiritual or philosophical terms, and therefore, in a circular or spiraling experience, both deepening inward and reaching upward. 

Like most actors, I do “character work” when I’m doing a play. I research the play, the time in which it takes place, the culture, etc. I create a back story of the role into which I’m stepping, and I find within myself, the parallels and similarities I share with my character. How am I “like this person”, what experience/s do we share?

The acting process is no different than than spiritual process. The “Know Thyself” dictum is at the heart of the universal journey of both the actor (and any creative artist) and the spiritually conscious. This, of course, is the cornerstone of Sacred Stages, LLC.

When I played Lola, the temptress, I absolutely connected to the power of seduction and ambition, and the relationship between the two. In my young life, I had felt victim to needing/using men’s approval to move forward toward my dreams and aspirations. I had experienced the inner struggle between being kind, being in service, uplifting… juxtaposed with the unbridled desire to “get ahead”, doing what was necessary, despite creating any collateral damage. As a woman, I understood those 1950’s struggles all too well, even in 1995. My edges of everyday…

Check out the highlights.

Fast forward to 2018…the current Artistic Director at Park Playhouse has invited me back to play Meg Boyd  in their timely remounting of Damn Yankees, which I’m now rehearsing, grateful for the opportunity. (click on Damn Yankees poster below for performance dates and ticket information)

Today, I’m exploring my character in the world of #MeToo, and I am connecting with the Myth that spirals ever deep and upwards, that of the divine feminine. Meg is the emotional core of the play, the intuitive dreamer, who chooses to see the best in everyone, despite being a second class citizen. She works to rediscover her voice and delivers her wisdom.

What do Meg and I share? Particularly in the tumultuous times in which we now live? I’ll let you know…

Miles and miles and miles of heart,


(For performance dates and ticket information, click on the image below…)



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