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Anger and the Hot Horn Section

Written November 22, 2016

What am I grateful for this year? Well, many things…

But, thanks, to this election cycle, I’m most grateful for my anger. Yes, I’m really angry, and I own it. I’m angry, saddened, disgusted, horrified…

So, this Thanksgiving, I’m going to focus on my anger. What kind of change will it bring? How will I choose to allow my anger to inform my internal life? My actions? My art?

When I created Sacred Stages, LLC, I had a few ideas about what I wanted to create right out of the gate. The idea of The Edge of Everyday, my caba-ritual, was born out of what I was experiencing in my life at that time.

I was becoming angry at the ever increasing polarization in the climate around me. It felt like EVERYTHING was being politicized, and the extremes were intensifying, becoming more acutely felt. Internally, I was very torn by similar extremes…the artist in me was longing for a larger voice.

The Edge of Everyday is my exploration of that duality, and was an invitation to others to explore it with me.

I remember having dinner with someone I considered to be a friend and mentor right after my seminary ordination. We were talking of something about which I felt passionate. Somewhere in the conversation, I leaned forward over the table, with my big eyes all focused, and said something that elicited this response (paraphrased): “You can’t talk like that if you’re a minister. That’s too big.”

Yep. The little girl rebel in me cringed, and in that moment, the lens of my internal life shifted and my voice became more clear.

My anger will not eat me from within. Nor will it be a license for intimidation or violence. However, anger is our collective call to listen.
‘Evil whispered in my ear “You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm”. I whispered in Evil’s ear, “I am the storm”.’ I love this quote. But I’ll take it one step further. “I AM the EYE of the storm.”

My anger has calmed me. Served me. I am grateful.

Anger reminds me of that which I am most passionate. Anger helps me to take off my masks and step out of where I’ve been hiding. Anger leads me ever closer to my truest voice. I AM gratitude.

Sound the trumpets!!!
Oh. No. Can’t use that anymore.
So let’s go with… Sound the HOT HORN SECTION.

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